Starting in 2018 the LCI Issues Group began dedicating a portion of their meetings to writing letters to registered voters in key states holding important elections to "get out the vote (GOTV).” LCI ordered voter lists and scripts from Vote Forward, printed hundreds of copies of the letters supplied by Vote Forward, provided stamps and envelopes, and hosted letter writing meetings at the Brewster Ladies Library (BLL).

In early 2020 Covid-19 struck. BLL closed and in-person meetings elsewhere were out of the question due to Covid restrictions. The group improvised a new strategy to rally local volunteers to get out the vote while still complying with Covid restrictions and in the process switched from writing letters to postcards. That strategy, which has been refined over time, is described below:

LCI volunteers worked hard to get out the vote in the 2022 elections. In February, we wrote and mailed 2,000 postcards to women in Texas urging them to vote. For the midterms in the fall, a total of 2,000 postcards were written and sent to voters in 14 key states (Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Michigan, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Illinois, Ohio, Virginia, Oregon, Washington). Our message: Hi [Voter's First Name], Thank you for being a voter! When will you vote in the Tues. Nov. 8 election? Please plan ahead! - [Volunteer's First Name.] A sample postcard looks like this:

After the November election, LCI volunteers rallied to GOTV for Senator Raphael Warnock, who was forced into a runoff against Herschel Walker in Georgia, sending 1,260 postcards to Georgia voters. Warnock won!

Shortly thereafter in 2023, LCI sent 500 postcards to Virginia voters urging them to vote for Jennifer McClellan, a progressive running for a Congressional seat vacated by the death of a fellow Democrat, Donald McEachin—she won!